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All eleven of my books are on this website, available to read for free. Nine of the books are complete. The other two books (at the bottom of the page) are in progress, meaning that I am writing them as serial novels, posting each chapter as soon as I write it (usually about one chapter per week).

The books are in several genres: mystery, suspense, thriller, and sci-fi. There is no charge to read the books online, no registration required, and no obligation whatsoever.

If you would like to purchase the ebook or paperback versions, they are available online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Flipkart, Blio, and other online stores, and through some local bookstores and libraries as well.

I hope you find something here you like, and if you do, please tell your friends about my website. And check out my short stories as well.

So, select a book below and start reading.


Robert Burton Robinson

Ginger Lightley Mystery Series

Rating: Sex: 0/5, Violence: 1/5, Language: 0/5, Drugs: 0/5

Greg Tenorly Suspense Series

Rating: Sex: 3/5, Violence: 3/5, Language: 0/5, Drugs: 0/5

John Provo Thriller Series

Rating: Sex: 2/5, Violence: 2/5, Language: 4/5, Drugs: 0/5

Dream Tunnel (Sci-Fi Adventure)

Rating: Sex: 1/5, Violence: 1/5, Language: 0/5, Drugs: 0/5
Written under the pen name Arby Robbins

Rebecca Ranghorn – Texas P.I. (Mystery)

Rating: Sex: 3/5, Violence: 2/5, Language: 4/5, Drugs: 0/5

Serial Novels (in progress)

A serial novel is a book I am writing in real-time. I write one chapter per week and post it on this website. Please don’t ask me to post them any faster–I’m writing as fast as I can. ;)


Interplanetary Transmutaton is a Sci-Fi Adventure
Rating: Sex: 2/5, Violence: 3/5, Language: 4/5, Drugs: 0/5


Cold Ground Ginger – Ginger Lightley Mystery #3 (starting soon)
Rating: Sex: 0/5, Violence: 1/5, Language: 0/5, Drugs: 0/5


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