Four Steps Under

Four Steps Under is now in the hands of my professional copy editor. So, the book is still on track for a May 4 release.

Description: Brandon Boader has multiple personalities, yet he’s not psychotic, according to his prison psychiatrist. But the doctor never would have released Brandon if he’d known about his plans to use his mastery of self-hypnosis and mind control to commit the perfect murder.

When Brandon was six years old, his parents were killed during a home invasion. The two brothers who perpetrated the crime went free because of evidence mishandling at the crime lab. Brandon is determined to finally settle the score—without getting caught.

He recruits Dani Dimingo, a young woman he knew in junior high school, to help him carry out his scheme of revenge. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and they have a lot in common. Dani has struggled with mental problems too, having spent half of her teen years in a psychiatric facility. It’s one of the reasons she’s right for the job.

But while the two are executing Brandon’s elaborate plan, Dani becomes terrified when she suspects that Brandon is about to kill one of the brothers. She can’t believe Brandon is capable of murder, but given the strange mental state he’s imposed upon himself, does Brandon even know what he’s doing? Has one of his alter egos completely taken over his mind? And if so, is there any way for Dani to stop him before he destroys Brandon’s life as well as her own?

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