Rebecca Ranghorn - Texas P.I.

A Suspense Novel

After Rebecca is framed for murder by a sleazy businessman, she takes a job at his topless bar to proved her innocence.

by Robert Burton Robinson


Rebecca Ranghorn is framed for the murder of a sleazy Dallas businessman. So, she goes on a quest for the real killer, which eventually leads to her stripping down to go “undercover” in the dead man’s topless bar.
Previously published under the title "Naked Frame."


"An exciting read from page one to finish. A complex plot that keeps you guessing until the last chapter. It was fast moving and the characters colourful and interesting. It's a non-stop, can't-put-down read. Looking forward to the next Rebecca Ranghorn adventure!" - Karen T., New Zealand


"Great book! Once I started reading I couldn't put it away. I HAD to find out what happened. Nice twist in the end." - Heleen, The Netherlands

"...It is the kind of novel that is almost impossible to put down. Having read it straight through in one sitting, I was eager to re-read the story in case I had missed something. I like the way you allow your reader to use their imagination when it comes to sex/violent scenes. It is a refreshing change from the modern trend of in-your-face lurid/gory details." - Leolie Creeson