Nightmares of a Novelist

NIGHTMARES OF A NOVELIST is a collection of four disturbing tales, told by Robert Burton Robinson. These are stories about things that actually happened to the author. Or perhaps he dreamed them.

THE MAGIC COIN – Her husband kills her and takes control of her magic coin. Then he realizes that he doesn’t know the magic words. Without them, the coin is useless. He must find someone to help him, because he believes that once he knows the magic words, he can have anything his heart desires—as long as he possesses the coin. But does he truly possess the coin? Or does the coin possess him?

The Magic CoinRobert Burton Robinson
00:00 / 28:52

THE AFFAIR – A brilliant inventor has more secrets than anyone could have imagined. But after he’s caught cheating on his wife, the illusion of their marriage dissolves, revealing the shocking truth that nobody will believe.

The AffairRobert Burton Robinson
00:00 / 26:33

ONLY IN HIS DREAMS – From his deathbed, a formerly-successful businessman invokes supernatural powers to take revenge on his four ungrateful sons. But how does a frail old man turn himself into a dangerous sorcerer?

Only in His DreamsRobert Burton Robinson
00:00 / 31:02

THE FAVOR – Someone does you a favor. Are you required to return the favor? What if they want you to do something difficult? Impossible? Unthinkable? At some point, you may wish you’d never accepted their favor.

The FavorRobert Burton Robinson
00:00 / 30:10


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