Liam's Wondering World


Liam's Wondering World is a series of rhyming picture books about a boy with a vivid imagination. These story poems are written using a consistent rhythm and rhyme scheme—making it fun for a child to read along with a parent or teacher, or with the video version of the books: The Problem with The Three | Sir Liam The Brave

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The paperbacks and Kindle versions of the books are available from Amazon.

In the videos, Robert Burton Robinson, the author and illustrator, performs the story poem as though he is reading to a young child. Mr. Robinson knows a good bit about rhythm and rhyme, as a classically-trained musician and composer of 150+ songs and choral works.

But the star of the series is Liam, who does a lot of thinking, trying to understand the world, and imagining just what might be possible. And to assist him in his quest for knowledge, he has, over the years, created three imaginary friends:

  • Scary Monster - a big, creepy green thing with four eyes, tentacles, and a big, slimy, sloppy tongue.

  • Baby Little - biologically, he's a baby in a diaper, yet he talks like a man.

  • The Mirror - a kid who looks and talks exactly like Liam.

However, these are not your typical imaginary friends. They are not passive, going along with whatever their creator wants. No, they have minds of their own, which sometimes complicates things, but it always keeps Liam's daydreaming interesting.