Greg Tenorly Suspense Series


Greg Tenorly Suspense Series - Book 1.

A small town guy gets in over his head when he becomes entangled with a mysterious redhead and two hit men. Greg Tenorly lives a quiet and lonely life in a small East Texas town, until he is selected as a juror for a murder trial. A beautiful, mysterious redhead befriends him, and seems to have a romantic interest.


But is she merely using him to influence the outcome of the trial?

"This was a mystery/romance with plenty of plot twists to keep the reader interested. I enjoyed it very much." - Amazon reviewer

"Bicycle Shop Murder held my excitement from the first paragraph till the last. I really couldn't put it down. The sweet romance that grew between Greg and Cynthia is proof that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. The mystery that surrounds Coreyville and its citizens are people that you get to know, learn to like, and enjoy their characters. As a Texas girl, I'm quite familiar with the Kilgore/Longview area and was tickled to find out that this book took place in this quaint East Texas area. The storyline is captivating, the characters charming, and the plot is a real page turner. Mr. Robert Burton Robinson did a fine job with this clean written novel." - Amazon reviewer


Greg Tenorly Suspense Series - Book 2.

Elderly women are abducted to a secret underground hospital ward by a sadistic killer. Macy is a live-in nurse who cares for a pediatrician’s mother during the day, and fantasizes about the doctor at night. But when a seductive new woman comes into his life, Macy sees her dreams of happiness slipping away. As the wedding day approaches, she must make her move, or lose him forever. But the bride’s evil sister will have something to say about that.

Across town, one of Greg Tenorly’s elderly piano students is brutally murdered. He and his girlfriend begin to investigate, which ultimately leads them to the doctor’s house, where they make a startling discovery: a secret hospital ward, buried deep beneath the house. But none of the patients are alive.

"I really enjoyed this story. Every twist and turn was unexpected and well written. I fell in love with all the characters (the good ones, anyway). That's when you know the story was worth reading! Thanks for the hours of enjoyment." - Kathy C., Merrill, WI

"Loved the story. I could not stop reading, finished it in a single day. Waiting for more." - Lubna A-Shami

"There were a few twists that I had not expected at all. I love how Carnie is portrayed and the unfolding of why and how she became that way." - Sanja R., Sydney/Australia

"Just wonderful - read the whole thing in one sitting - excellent - thanks." - Della, Niceville, FL

"Your book is truly a page turner. Greg and Cynthia are quite a couple. I cannot wait for the next book." - Karen D., Baltimore, Maryland


Greg Tenorly Suspense Series - Book 3.

A mystery writer loses his grip on reality, murdering anyone in his way, believing he has powers of luck that make him invincible. As Greg Tenorly was about to marry the woman of his dreams, he figured he was the luckiest man in the world. Until he got an anonymous phone call warning him about his bride’s shady past.

Larry had been lucky all his life, except in his mystery writing efforts. Ironically, he finally found success when he began to publish an online account of his own downward spiral into depravity and murder, as he sought the thing he wanted most: Greg Tenorly’s bride.

Is luck real? Or is it just an illusion? Some people have to find out the hard way.

"Now that's what I call a great read!" - Debby Marshal

"I absolutely loved this book...Lucky Larry was a great character." - Ashunda

"OMG-I read all this in ONE NIGHT!! This was an awesome story! I can't wait to read the others!" - Shannon, North Carolina

"I just started reading your work and I think Illusion of Luck seemed almost like watching a mystery movie." - Sohni

"Whenever I think about this novel it makes me feel that all the characters in novel are real. I just love Illusion of Luck." - Shuchi


Greg Tenorly Suspense Series - Book 4.

The leader of a female rock band with a tortured past finally goes home…with murder in her heart. When Greg Tenorly gets an invitation to his dad’s 75th birthday party, Cynthia convinces him to go, and to use the occasion to finally make things right with his estranged father.

But the war of words Greg is dreading becomes the least of his worries after he and his family cross paths with a cold-blooded killer.

"I enjoyed reading the Greg Tenorly Series. It was so good. I really love your characters!! You can't help but love Greg he's such a sweet guy. Love the ending too....basically loved everything about it." - Lori Williams

"I just want to inform you that I always enjoy your books. Fly the Rain was as great as the rest of your books I have read." - Agness Kamanga

" I just didn't want the novel to end...honestly...I think Greg Tenorly is the fictional version of Robert." - Saurav

"You made me cry." - Amanda