Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series


Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series - Book 1.

Ginger Lightley investigates the death of a young man who died after eating one of the cakes from her bakery. Ginger is the owner of Coreyville Coffee Cakes, a popular bakery in East Texas. Customers drive from miles away to visit the little shop for a taste of her original creations.


It’s a shock to the whole community when a young man drops dead across town after eating one of her famous cakes.

“...absolutely in love with your writing! I am up at 4AM just to finish reading the conclusion to Sweet Ginger Poison. Keep writing. I am an avid reader and I haven’t stayed up most of the night to read a story in several years.” - MJ

“Very enjoyable! Just the type of story I like. Love the ‘domino club’ women. Funny! I look forward to reading more from you. Now I have to go find a bakery lol.” - Linda Steuer

“Great story. It had a mix of everything, humor, romance and mystery. Just my cup of tea. I really enjoyed it.” - Kathy Vekassy

“Enjoyed it. It has mystery, romance, humour and it was fast.” - Julie


Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series - Book 2.

Ginger investigates a mysterious death at her new bed & breakfast that threatens to destroy the business. Ginger and her fellow Domino Girls pool their funds to buy an old Colonial-style home on the outskirts of town and convert it into a bed and breakfast. The house is rumored to be haunted—which enables them to get the place at a bargain. They name it “Ginger Bread House,” banking on Ginger’s notoriety as a famous cake baker to bring in the guests. She will provide a daily supply of her freshly-baked cakes to sweeten their stay.

But on the very first night, guests begin to see and hear strange things. Ginger manages to settle them down—until one of the guests is found dead. News quickly spreads, and gossipers rename the new bed & breakfast, “Ginger DEAD House.” Now every phone call is another cancellation.

The Domino Girls see their life savings about to go down the drain. So Ginger proposes that the four of them work together to solve the mystery of the ghosts and the murder. “Domino Sleuth Club” is born.

But their task may prove more difficult and dangerous than anyone could have imagined.

"Because there were no reviews listed when I read this, I had no expectations whether I might enjoy this story or not. I was very pleasantly surprised with its wit, its logical plot, and its likable characters. I have very high standards with my reading material, and this met those standards! After finishing (it was all too short), I immediately went in search of other books by this author. I hope that he continues to write many more enjoyable books. Recommended!" - Amazon reviewer

"I'm not a huge reader but this book was so easy to follow and love that I finished it in a few days (this NEVER happens). The story is exciting, unpredictable and fun. I can't wait to read the third volume in the series!" - Amazon reviewer


Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series - Book 3.

Ginger Lightley has been knocked unconscious and framed for murder. She wakes up in a cemetery, head throbbing, blood on her hands, a dead body nearby, with her fingerprints all over the murder weapon.


She’s struggling with fuzzy memories and the loss of her most precious assets: her keen sense of smell and taste. It’s the week of her annual bake-off, and she discovers that most of her contestants have motives for the murder.


She must solve the case before the contest winners are announced and all of her suspects leave town…and she goes to jail.