Sir Liam The Brave

Liam was playing in the closet with his imaginary friends when one of them opened a hatch in the floor and leaped into the dark unknown.


Liam and the others followed him, and they all ended up in the Middle Ages.Liam is given the dangerous mission of rescuing a maiden in distress, and he bravely saves her life.


But it turns out that she is NOT a maiden—she is the Queen.As a reward, the King knights Liam, SIR LIAM THE BRAVE, and treats him and his friends to a royal feast.


It’s quite an adventure, yet, it’s just another day in Liam’s Wondering World.

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Sir Liam The Brave

This is the story poem from the children's picture book by Robert Burton Robinson

Inside Liam’s mind,

He was playing with friends.

The make-believe kind,

In the closet with him.


Then Mirror proclaimed,

“We could get out of here!

Just think of a place,

and imagine you’re there.”

“I’m thinking of kings and their castles and gold.

Brave knights with their horses and big shiny swords.”


But Liam said, “Whoa.

Whatcha trying to do?

You know we can’t go

Anywhere but my room.”

“I don’t believe that,”

Mirror said. “Watch me go!”

He opened a hatch,

Then he jumped through the floor.


The three watched him falling

Forever, it seemed.

They heard Mirror calling,

“Jump now, follow me.”

And then, Baby Little cried, “I’m not afraid.”

He clung to his diaper, dived in and away.


That left only two.

Scary Monster said, “So?

You know what to do.

Are you ready to go?”


“No, thanks,” Liam said.

“Go ahead, if you like.

I’m thinking, instead,

I will go ride my bike.”

But Scary screamed, “Bike?

This is better than that!”

He grabbed Liam tight,

And he plunged through the hatch.


They dropped like a rock.

Scary hooted and screeched

The boy was in shock,

But then, who wouldn’t be?

It felt awfully real—

Not at all like a dream,

But how in the world

Could it possibly be?


Before they could crash

Into rough, rocky ground,

A lightning bolt flashed,

And a breeze set them down.

And there Mirror stood,

Baby boy at his side.

He said, “Very good.

Here you are, just in time.”


“Look up at that cliff.

See the woman up there.

She’s gonna fall off,

But you’ll catch her, midair.”


“You’re losing your mind,”

Liam hypothesized

“Just open your eyes,”

Mirror said. “Cause I’m right.”

“There’s no way to know

About future events,”

said Liam, “although,

If it made any sense--”


“You’d fly up there, dude! Scary said. “So go on!”

The Baby yelled, “You gotta go for it, son!”

“You know I can’t fly,”

Liam said. “I just can’t.”

“Have you ever tried?”

Mirror said. “Be a man!”


“Just take off and run,”

Scary said, “trick your mind.

Look up at the sun,

Raise your arms, kick, and fly.”

So, Liam ran fast.

He would fly if he could.

Was there a slight chance

That he magically would?


He heard Mirror shout, “Oh, look out,

Here she comes!”

A mighty wind pushed Liam out,

Pulled him up.

So, flying or not?

Was it him or the wind?

And if the wind stopped,

What would happen to him?


He flew under her,

Where he thought she would fall.

Just waiting for her,

Like a glove for a ball.

She slammed into him,

Heading fast to the ground!

His new flying skills

Barely slowing her down.


They fell and they fell,

Ever faster, they fell.

They had little hope,

Liam thought to himself.

Poor Liam passed out.

When he opened his eyes,

Stretched out on the ground,

He said, “So, we’re alright?”


The woman leaned in.

“Thanks to you, we’re just fine,

My hero, my friend

For the rest of my life!”

“And now you must come

Stand before our great King

To tell what you’ve done,

Give account of this thing.”

“I knight thee, SIR LIAM THE BRAVE,”

said the King.

“Your lionhearted courage has saved

Our dear Queen.”

“And now, we partake

In the Hero’s Great Feast

As we celebrate

With his most favorite eats!”


“Like pizza and shakes?

Mac and cheese? Chili dogs?

Spaghetti with meat?

Pork and beans? Tater tots?”

The day had been saved.

Such a hero is he!


He hath rescued the Queen!

The king and queen morphed into his Mom and Dad.

“It’s time to eat now, Liam, so wash your hands.”


He said, “Can I have

Chili fries with white cheese?

And then, after that,

Jelly beans and ice cream?”

His mom, laughed.

“We’re having spaghetti tonight.”

His dad winked.

“And then a dessert that you like.”

As Liam walked out

With his Mom and his Dad

The three heads poked out

From his door, looking sad.


“Well, I’d like fried cheese,”

Mirror said. “Chili, too.”


“And I’d like baked beans,”

Baby said. “That would do.”


“A pizza for me,”

Scary said. “Maybe two.”

Their fantasies, though,

Would not ever come true,

Since all they could know

Was their make-believe food.


But that was okay,

Just as long as their friend

Would come back and play,

Make them real once again.

Copyright © 2021 Robert Burton Robinson