Flash Fiction

Flash fiction: short stories of around 1,000 words or less. (Although, many of these stories are closer to 1,500 words.)

I write flash fiction stories in various genres and combinations of genres, such as suspense, crime, humor, horror, fantasy, and adventure. Also, check out my longer short stories.

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“Sweet dreams?” Just kidding. 😎 Some of these stories might freak you out.

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Justice — Things go terribly wrong after a cocky businessman hires an online hit man.

Contract for Lois — A bitter dispute with her employer results in a new contract for Lois.

Bottled Up — A timid high school boy inadvertently uncorks his bottled up rage when he lets a genie out of the bottle.

Driving the Galaxie — It’s always a special trip when Charles drives his mom around in her classic 1964 Ford Galaxie sedan.

Nurse Jean — Jean takes extraordinary measures to prove to her four grandsons that she is not boring.

9 Minutes to 1960 — Sue’s road to a new job takes a strange detour.

Dead to the World — A woman’s sleeping pill allows her cheating husband to go on nightly adventures.

Memory Bank — A man uses a new high-tech process to remove his bad memories and store them in a Memory Bank.

Face to Face — Online chemistry is one thing. Face to face can be something entirely different.

Party Clown — A disgruntled business partner plans to get his revenge at a surprise birthday party.

Magic Tea — A young businessman will do anything to satisfy his desperate need for sleep.

Resolution — A New Year’s resolution is not always a good thing.

Santa Closet (text-only version) | Illustrated version— A young boy thinks his Christmas is ruined when his family moves into a house without a chimney.

DonorLotto — Combining blood donation and gambling. What could possibly go wrong?

Royal Highness of Intellectitude — A brilliant couple’s love of competition leads to tragedy.

Heart of Gold — A good old boy discovers a solution for his failing heart.

Recycle Man — Janice loves working for the sanitation department because she finds so much perfectly good stuff in other peoples’ garbage.

Screen 13 — The new girl working at the local cinema suspects foul play among her fellow employees.

Writer’s Block — A fiction writer is tormented by the man who made him famous.
NOTE: Aleksandra Brożek-Sala has translated Writer’s Block into Polish (Blokada pisarska). Click here to read the translation. Thanks, Aleksandra!

April’s Fool — A teenage girl’s mean prank backfires.

Dreaming Debra — Debra was the girl of his dream life. He only wished she were the girl of his real life.

Man Down, Ante Up — Revenge is sweet. Unless it comes back to bite you.