About Robert Burton Robinson

Robert Burton Robinson

I’m the author of eleven novels and novellas, and several dozen short stories. In the 1980’s, I wrote musicals with dramatic scenes for senior adults. A few years later, I wrote a screen play, inspired by the characters from The Golden Girls TV show, and entered it in national writing contest. It was a finalist.

In 2006, I began writing a story on my website, realtime, posting each chapter as I wrote it. When the story was finished, I had completed my first novel: Bicycle Shop Murder. After that, I wrote three more books in the series, and then just kept writing more novels and dozens of short stories.

My Books (Click on a link to read the excerpt):

Sweet Ginger Poison
Ginger Dead House
Cold Ground Ginger

Four Steps Under (Psychological Suspense)
Deadly Commitment (Thriller)
Dream Tunnel (Kids Sci-Fi)
Rebecca Ranghorn – Texas P.I. (Mystery)

Bicycle Shop Murder
Hideaway Hospital Murders
Illusion of Luck
Fly the Rain

I am also a composer
Listen to my music on RobertBRobinson.com

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I have two bachelor’s degrees (music and computer science), and have held a wide variety of jobs over the years, including fourteen years as a software engineer developing applications for Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center in Houston. I am now a full-time writer.

My wife, Lynda, and I live in the Houston area. We enjoy spending time with our family of three children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandson. (Boy, does that make us sound old.) And we love watching movies and TV, and participating in community activities. I play bass guitar with some community groups.