Robert Burton Robinson

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a little background info on me. After writing a few short plays, I wrote a full-length, comedy screen play that made the finals in a national writing competition. A few years later, in 2006, I began writing my first novel, Bicycle Shop Murder, posting each chapter on my blog as I wrote it. I continued to write and post three more books, which made up my four-book Greg Tenorly Suspense Series.

Since then, I have written three mystery books (Sweet Ginger Poison, Ginger Dead House, and Rebecca Ranghorn – Texas P.I.), a Sci-Fi Adventure (Dream Tunnel), a thriller novel, (Deadly Commitment), and a psychological thriller (Four Steps Under).

I just completed my third Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery, Cold Ground Ginger. Read the three-chapter excerpt

I’ve also written dozens of short stories in various genres (suspense, crime, horror, humor, fantasy, adventure, sci-fi). You can read three dozen of my stories on this website, or download this ebook, which contains all of my short stories and flash fiction stories as of June 2015 (86,000 words).

I’ve had quite a variety of jobs: paperboy, gas station attendant (the kind that pumped your gas–remember those guys?), laborer at an oil refinery (digging ditches, cleaning the sludge from the bottom of oil tanks with a giant squeegee, loading boxcars with 55-gallon drums, etc.), apprentice electrician at an oil refinery (3 years), milkman (delivering cases of those little half-pint milk cartons to elementary schools), ice cream truck driver, part-time and full-time church music director (20 years), youth director, part-time president/founder of a small church music publishing company (7 years), building maintenance supervisor, Radio Shack manager trainee, insurance salesman, home-study course salesman, car salesman trainee (I’m a lousy salesman), school bus driver, data entry operator for a temp agency (2 years), data entry operator for the U.S. Postal Service (3.5 years).

After going back to college for second bachelor’s degree, I worked as a software engineer, developing applications for Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center in Houston (14 years).

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Music degree (vocal performance) and a B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences from Lamar University, and graduate music work (composition and education) at University of North Texas.

PERSONAL: I love spending time with family, playing guitar and bass, practicing yoga, and watching movies. My wife and I live in a cozy community on Lake Conroe, fifty miles north of downtown Houston. We have three wonderful children, nine beautiful grandkids, and an equally beautiful great-grandson. 🙂