Ginger Lightley Cozy Mystery Series Book 3 is Coming

Cold Ground Ginger
It’s been eight years since I wrote my first Ginger Lightley book, Sweet Ginger Poison (which was on the main Kindle top-100 bestsellers list for a month in 2011), and five years since I wrote the second book, Ginger Dead House. Book three is way overdue. I started writing it in 2014, but got distracted and put it on the back burner.

Now Ginger’s coming back—stronger than ever!

She’s framed and murdered…but not quite dead.

Ginger Lightley wakes up in a cemetery, head throbbing, blood on her hands, a dead body nearby, with her fingerprints all over the murder weapon. She’s struggling with fuzzy memories and the loss of her most precious assets: her keen sense of smell and taste. It’s the week of her annual bake-off, and she discovers that most of her contestants have motives for the murder. She must solve the case before the contest winners are announced and all of her suspects leave town…and she goes to jail.

If you enjoyed Sweet Ginger Poison and Ginger Dead House, I think you’re going to love COLD GROUND GINGER.

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P.S. As soon as I complete Cold Ground Ginger, I will begin work on Book Four, Ginger Snaps.