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Amateur Investigator (1,479 words)
A newbie private investigator learns that he just might not be cut out for this line of work.

Blind Date in Outer Space (17,784 words)
Two very bright teenagers, Riley and Rachel, who are thrust into a treacherous situation by a reclusive, dying scientist. In a last ditch effort to validate the capabilities of his cutting-edge inventions, Doc Himmel uses the teens as guinea pigs, sending them to a planet that’s light years away from Earth.

Justice (1,183 words)
Things go terribly wrong after a cocky businessman hires an online hit man.

Bottled Up (1,249 words)
A timid high school boy inadvertently uncorks his bottled up rage when he lets a genie out of the bottle.

Horrors of Memory (1,612 words)
Ninety-year-old Mildred Applee is thankful she still has an excellent memory—until a surgical procedure makes her blessing seem more like a curse.

Sudden Future (6,248 words)
A brother and sister are thrust into the future after playing around with some experimental equipment in the basement built by their mother, a physics professor.

Dead to the World (826 words)
A woman’s sleeping pill allows her cheating husband to go on nightly adventures.

Impala Cruise (5,629 words)
A young woman offers a ride to a stranger, knowing she may regret it. He’s good-looking. But he could be a criminal. He could be dangerous. So could she.

Memory Bank (1,224 words)
A man uses a new high-tech process to remove his bad memories and store them in a Memory Bank.

Prince of Pumpkinshire (1,898 words)
Chip’s life is changed forever after an encounter with bullies in the woods on Halloween night.

Smiley Frowner (1,908 words)
Five-year-old Jessica doesn’t go anywhere without Smiley—the handmade doll that protects her from the evils of the world.

Royal Highness of Intellectitude (1,370 words)
A brilliant couple’s love of competition leads to tragedy.

Margin of Error (2,863 words)
An ambitious campaign manager claims she can deliver a victory every time—once she gets the poll numbers within the Margin of Error. But she learns too late that not everything in life works like an election. And that statistics can only be carried so far…before you become one.

Santa Closet (981 words)
A young boy thinks his Christmas is ruined when his family moves into a house without a chimney.

Mary Goldalore (3,525 words)
Mary Goldalore is very attractive, wealthy divorcee in her mid-thirties. She’s also a bit naive—making her a prime candidate for a con artist’s scheme.

Your Personal President (2,457 words)
(NOTE: This story was written in 2008) The year is 2018. Television is obsolete. Everything is web-based. Watch any show whenever you want. And thanks to massive computer databases and powerful processors, all data is now saved. Place your grocery order. You don’t have to specify what you want—they already know. Fries with that? They don’t even need to ask. Everything can be personalized. Even The President of the United States.

Kory Mantra (6,136 words)
Kory Mantra is a 32-year old computer programmer who, after losing his job and his girlfriend, went on a diet and took up yoga. And to help him stick with it, he made weekly videos of his progress and posted them online. So, now he’s a celebrity. But will he ever find true love? Or will he die trying?

Road Rage to Nowhere (1,264 words)
Road Rage can take you on a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. And make you wish you hadn’t gone.

Writer’s Block (857 words)
A fiction writer is tormented by the man who made him famous.

BuckThirsty (2,128 words)
Some people will do anything for a buck. You might call them buck-thirsty.

Face to Face (1,206 words)
Online chemistry is one thing. Face to face can be something entirely different.

Sun-Powered Car (1,364 words)
A washed-up TV reporter sees a chance for a big story when he discovers an amazing invention while passing through a small town.

Heart of Gold (1,270 words)
A good old boy discovers a solution for his failing heart.

Governor Hooks a Lady (762 words)
The new governor is flying high—until a certain lady brings him back down to earth.

DonorLotto (1,322 words)
Combining blood donation and gambling. What could possibly go wrong?

Layoff Rumors (636 words)
And you thought your job sucked.

Recycle Man (1,018 words)
Janice loves working for the sanitation department because she finds so much perfectly good stuff in other peoples’ garbage.

Classical Revenge (2,398 words)
A woman ventures out at night during a snow storm into a dangerous part of town to get the last item on her Christmas list.

Contract for Lois (1,181 words)
A bitter dispute with her employer results in a new contract for Lois.

Driving the Galaxie (979 words)
It’s always a special trip when Charles drives his mom around in her classic 1964 Ford Galaxie sedan.

Nurse Jean (1,104 words)
Jean takes extraordinary measures to prove to her four grandsons that she is not boring.

9 Minutes to 1960 (1,234 words)
Sue’s road to a new job takes a strange detour.

Party Clown (1,148 words)
A disgruntled business partner plans to get his revenge at a surprise birthday party.

Magic Tea (1,333 words)
A young businessman will do anything to satisfy his desperate need for sleep.

Resolution (1,185 words)
A New Year’s resolution is not always a good thing.

Screen 13 (1,272 words)
The new girl working at the local cinema suspects foul play among her fellow employees.

April’s Fool (793 words)
A teenage girl’s mean prank backfires.

Dreaming Debra (923 words)
Debra was the girl of his dream life. He only wished she were the girl of his real life.

Man Down, Ante Up (1,039 words)
Revenge is sweet. Unless it comes back to bite you.

Four Steps Under (Psychological Suspense Novel) – excerpt
Brandon Boader has multiple personalities, yet he’s not psychotic, according to his prison psychiatrist. But the doctor never would have released Brandon if he’d known about his plans to use his mastery of self-hypnosis and mind control to commit the perfect murder.