New Sci-Fi Novella in Eight Chapters

Blind Date in Outer Space (16,000 words)

Blind Date in Outer Space? Come on, Robert, you’ve really gone off into the deep end this time, you say. Yeah, maybe, but I think it’s a fun story—whether you like sci-fi or not. It has suspense, humor, and a bit of high-tech stuff.

The story is about two very bright teenagers, Riley and Rachel, who are thrust into a treacherous situation by a reclusive, dying scientist. In a last ditch effort to validate the capabilities of his cutting-edge inventions, Doc Himmel uses the teens as guinea pigs, sending them to a planet that’s light years away from Earth.

Their mission is to gather data about the planet Sorella Uno and somehow survive until he brings them back to Earth. He has equipped the teens with slightly different bodies so they can fit in with the planet’s inhabitants. But it may take a while for Riley and Rachel to adapt to having extra arms.

However, that’s the least of their worries because even if they manage to stay alive long enough to complete their mission, there may be no way to return to Earth

Buckle up for a crazy ride

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